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Different Drum
Change the Baby

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Scruggs' Ants demonstrates his continuing ability to see from a child's perspective. Songs like "Big Underwear" and "Rapunzel Got a Mohawk" will take your imagination for a ride, and keep you dancing too. With witty lyrics and outstanding music, Scruggs promotes individuality and creativity in this album that will bring joy to moms and dads, as well as the kids.

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  1. The Parade
  2. Different Drum
  3. Two Thumbs Date
  4. Not Fair
  5. In My Closet
  6. Can't Rock the Baby
  7. Rapunzel Got a Mohawk
  8. Big Underwear
  9. The Farm
  10. Change the Baby
  11. Tree House
  12. Night-Light
  13. Come on Down

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