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Joe's First Video

Joe's First Video

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Joe Scruggs' labor of love will become your child's best friend as well as a timeless family treasure. Video Librarian calls it "one of the best children's videos we've ever seen, period." A special blend of animation, live action, and irresistibly enchanting songs creates a musical "playmation" masterpiece, in a class by itself!

VHS: $14.95    [ Buy it ]

DVD: $19.99
Buy the DVD with Joe's First Video and Joe Scruggs in Concert together on one disc.


  1. Late Last Night
  2. This Little Piggy
  3. By the Way
  4. Belly Button
  5. What Do They Do With The Children?
  6. Skateboard
  7. In the Freezer
  8. Goo Goo Ga Ga
  9. Under Your Bed

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