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Joe Scruggs in Concert

Joe Scruggs in Concert

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Joe Scruggs in Concert captures all the mesmerizing charm of this gifted performer and lets your children enjoy his magic time and again. Upbeat tunes, unbeatable lyrics, lively puppets, and larger then life props and characters make this show a non stop family frolic. Joe Scruggs in Concert will get a standing ovation from your entire family!

VHS: $14.95    [ Buy it ]

DVD: $19.99
Buy the DVD with Joe's First Video and Joe Scruggs in Concert together on one disc.


  1. Deep in the Jungle
  2. Old MacDonald
  3. Rock-n-Roll MacDonald
  4. Jungle Joe
  5. Put Your Thumb in the Air
  6. Bahamas Pajamas
  7. The Bicycle Song
  8. Busy Box Band
  9. Talking Toybox
  10. Goo Goo Ga Ga
  11. Swing Low Saint Mountain

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