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Late Last Night

Late Last Night

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Late Last Night
Belly Button

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Since its initial release in 1984, Late Last Night continues to draw praise from parents, children and educators alike. The catchy lyrics and professional arrangements have also led to recognition from such organizations as Children's Radio Network. Both the listening and activity songs are easily learned, and will quickly become family favorites.

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  1. Late Last Night
  2. Wiggle in My Toe
  3. Ants in My Pants
  4. Turn Around Game
  5. Grandma's Sleeping in My Bed Tonight
  6. What Do They Do With the Children?
  7. Peanut Butter
  8. Please Don't Bring a Tyrannosaurus Rex to Show and Tell
  9. Grape Jelly Cure
  10. The Other Shoe
  11. Belly Button

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