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The best way to enjoy Joe Scruggs music is with the Value Pack. The Value Pack offers both videos and all eight audio products for a whopping 65% off the retail price. You get everything in a Value Pack, the audio and the video...if you already have some of the tapes, then use them as gifts, give them to friends, share Joe Scruggs with your neighborhood!!!

Here's what you get:

VIDEO (2 VHS or 1 DVD)

  • Joe Scruggs Concert Video *
  • Joe's First Video **


  • Late Last Night
  • Traffic Jams
  • Abracadabra
  • Deep in the Jungle
  • Even Trolls Have Moms
  • Bahamas Pajamas
  • Merry Christmas
  • Ants

* Also known as Live From Deep in the Jungle
** Also known as Joe TV

NOTE: Joe Scruggs' Greatest Hits is not included in the Value Pack.

Value Pack

> Buy the Value Pack with DVD
> Buy the Value Pack with VHS tapes
Both versions for the low price of US $60.00 plus $10.00 shipping plus sales tax for Texas residents

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Each Additional Item $0.50   US $0.50
Value Pack $10.00   US $10.00

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MUSIC - ($12.98 per CD)

Qty. Product Price
CD: The Toy Mix
CD: Joe Scruggs' Greatest Hits

VIDEOS - ($14.95 VHS/$19.99 DVD)

Qty. Title Price
Joe's First Video (VHS) - $14.95
Joe Scruggs in Concert (VHS) - $14.95
BOTH Joe Scruggs Videos on 1 DVD - $19.99

T-SHIRTS - ($10 Youth / $12 Adult)

Qty. Size Style Price
Nanny Nanny
Bahamas Pajamas
Big Underwear


Qty. Video Format Title Price
Value Pack - $60.00 ea.

Subtotal:  $
plus shipping & handling and tax (if applicable)

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