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The Toy Mix

The Toy Mix

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Several years ago a toy company distributed a collection of our songs and made a special CD that was just for their catalog and in home sales. We do get requests from folks looking for that particular group of songs and now we have it, published under our own label and called The Toy Mix. Please note because this is a low order item it is just the CD, a lyric book is not included. This item is not part of the value pack.

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  1. Busy Box Band
  2. This Little Piggy
  3. Late Last Night
  4. ABC
  5. Goo Goo Ga Ga
  6. Put Your Thumb In The Air
  7. Wiggle In My Toe
  8. Nursery Rhymes
  9. The People In The Car
  10. Under Your Bed
  11. Train Song
  12. I Had A Dream

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